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The air quality detector is an integrative hand-held instrument which can detect the concentration of formaldehyde and TVOC in the air. The detector can meet the requirement of testing formaldehyde and TVOC on various occasions and display the real-time data of them in time to guarantee your health in the environment.

Product Specification: 
Product Name: H2 Air Quality Detector
Detection Objects: Formaldehyde, TVOC
Weight of Main Machine: 220g
Overall Dimension: 168*65*32 mm

2.1 Operating Environment:
Temperature Range: 0-50℃
Humidity Range: 0-90%RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 1 atm
2.2 Measurement Index and Range:
2.2.1 Formaldehyde Measurement Technical Index:
Measurement Range: 0-2mg/m³
Resolution: 0.001mg/m3
2.2.2 TVOC Measurement Technical Index:
Measurement Range: 0-2mg/m³
Resolution: 0.001mg/m3

3.1 Instructions: 
Because the equipment has been sealed in the package for long time, it's normal to see the value of formaldehyde is high when you turn on the detector for the first time. You can calibrate it manually according to the following steps: 
1. Press the OK key for 5 seconds at first and then the buzzer will give out a"beep"sound. When the backlight symbol on the display screen flickers, the detector will enter into the calibration mode. please do not press ‘OK’ key before the calibration is finished
2. Meanwhile, please put the detector in a ventilated place for 10 minutes and the equipment will do calibration automatically. When the backlight symbol on the display screen stops flickering, the calibration is finished.
3. If the detector has not been used for long time, please calibrate it according to the above steps.

- Gases like alcohols, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and so on will cause interference to the test of the sensor. Therefore, please keep away from such materials as alcohol cosmetics contain alcohol perfume, etc. ) cigarettes (containing carbon monoxide), smoke(containing acrylic acid) and fruits (containing ethyl alcohol) before detection.
- It's better to close the windows and doors for 10 minutes at first before testing formaldehyde in bedrooms, sitting rooms and cloakrooms. The average value of various locations test data in a room is the average content of formaldehyde in the room
- The detector adopts air free-flow diffusion sampling method. While the detector transfers from one room to another one, it takes a certain time to respond and the user need wait for 10 minutes to read the data.
- The air quality detector adopts the battery to supply power. If there's no operation within 30 minutes, the detector will be turned off automatically to save the power.

3.2 Operation instructions
Turn On/Off the detector
Turn on the detect and then it will enter self-examination mode.

Back -light On/Off Button
Press the back-light button then back-light will be on.
Re-press it, back-light will be off. They form a cycle.

Audible alarm
If the battery level is low or the concentration of formaldehyde is over the set warning value (0.15mg/m3), the detector will send out the audible alarm. If the user intends to turn off the alarm, please press the audible alarm button.

3.3 Mode Setting
Press the mode-setting button and enter the setting mode. Set the upper-limit value for warning. Under the setting mode, the exact upper limit of warning can be set up. The setting button can switch the detailed upper-limit value and the corresponding settable position will twinkle. When it twinkles the upper and lower buttons can increase and decrease the value. After pressing rge “OK” button, the user finishes setting and switches to the normal mode.

4. 1 Please do not put the product in the environment where the temperature and humidity is beyond the normal condition; otherwise, the stability and accuracy of the detector will be affected.
4.2 Please do not disassemble the internal devices and crust of the detector.
4.3 While cleaning the detector, please use dry cloth to wipe the crust and avoid using wet cloth.
4.4 Please do not shock or shake the product strongly.

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Product Return:

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