Temtop P20 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Tabletop Temperature Monitor Humidity Gauge Meter with Comfort Level Icon and Rechargeable Battery



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 PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor

Temtop P20

New 3-IN-1 indoor air quality monitor, specially for PM2.5, temperature and humidity. Wall-mounted style. With 24-hour monitoring histogram, you will see the changes of PM2.5 directly. Free shipping in USA. Worldwide fast shipment. 24/7 Online Support.

Key Feature:

  • 3 in 1 Thermometer, Hygrometer and PM2.5 Air Quality MonitorAccurately tells you temperature & humidity and PM2.5 values, current date and time, ideal for the management of room, office, hotel, laboratory and hospital. 
  • Max & Min RecordsDigital thermometer displays MAX & MIN humidity, temperature(/Optional) and PM2.5 records in real-time; also shows the PM2.5 histogram in the past 12 hours, allowing you to adjust thermostat or humidifier or air purifier in time.
  • Air Comfort IndicatorSmart design with face icon indicates the surrounding air condition for PM2.5 (GOOD/FAIR/POOR)and humidity(DRY/COMFORT/WET).
  • Data ReportComes with a USB cable, makes it accessible to export the history data to your computer for further analysis.
  • Easy to Use: Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that runs about 6-8 hours on a full charge.


    • Dimensions: 6.9 x2.6 x 1.2 in.

    • Battery capacity: 3000mAh

    • Battery voltage: 3.7 VDC

    • Battery life: 6-8h on a full charge

    • Input voltage/current: DC5V, 1A

    • Operating environment: 0-50℃(32-122℉); 0-90%RH

    • Atmospheric pressure: 1 atm standard atmosphere

    • Temperature measuring range: 0-50℃(32-122℉)

    • Accuracy: ±1℃(±1.8℉)

    • Humidity measuring range: 0-90%RH

    • Accuracy: ±5%RH

    • PM2.5 Sensor: Laser particulate matter sensor
      Measuring range: 0-999ug/m³
      Resolution: 0.01 ug/m³(0-9.99ug/m³);0.1 ug/m³(10-99.9ug/m³);1 ug/m³(100-999ug/m³)
      Accuracy: ±10 ug/m³(0~100 ug/m³);±10%(100~500 ug/m³)

      User Manual:  

      What is included:

      • P20 Laser Particle Detector

      • 1*USB Cable

      • 1*User Manual

      • 4*Seamless Nail

      • 1*Seamless Nail Label


      •  Do not place the detector in a highly polluted environment (particle concentration > 500ug/m')for a long time; or it may cause damages to the sensor.

      • Do not cover the air inlet/outlet during detections; or let fluff or hair enter the detector.

      • Do not use the detector in humid places or environments with a strong odor to maintain accuracy.

      • Do not disassemble the detector or change its internal wiring to avoid potential damages.

      • Do not use the detector in direct sunlight or facing air conditioner outlets and etc.


      Q: Why is the PM2.5 reading not matching with the government departments or other organizations'?

      A: The PM2.5 data computed by government departments or other organization are the average data values from multi-monitoring points. Hence it is common that the PM2.5 reading at your place/location is different from theirs.

      Q: Why is the PM2.5 reading keeps changing?

      A: As PM2.5 concentration in the environment is changing all the time. That not only due ta environment factors like changes in airflow, humidity, wind direction and etc. But also due to common pollutant sources like smoking, cooking, exhaust emissions from vehicles, smoke from burning coal/chimneys/furnaces, etc. All these may influence the PM2.5 concentration and give differences in the readings.

      Q: How to understand the changes in PM2.5 HISTORY area?

      A: This area shows the changes in PM2.5 concentration over the last 12 hours in a histogram; wherein, the x-axis indicates the time and the y-axis indicates concentration: higher the PM2.5 concentration, higher the v axis (up to 4 segments).

      Q: Why is the data reading unstable?

      A: As airflow in the environment is changing and the distribution of organic matter concentration may be uneven. Temtop recommends you to try again in low airflow areas.

      Q: How to read face icon on the display?

      A:home air quality monitor testing

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      Product Return:

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