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Here's a step-by-step process for participating in the Temtop Experience event and potentially winning the free gift:

Participation Period: Ensure that you participate within the event period, which is from July 1st to August 10th.

Content Creation: Take a photo or record a video of yourself using the Temtop air quality monitor. Be creative and show how you use the product in your daily life, highlighting its features or the benefits you've experienced.

Social Media Posting: Share your photo or video on a social media platform where you can tag and use the hashtag #TemtopExperience. Make sure your post is public so that it can be seen and counted for the event.

Tagging and Hashtag: Don't forget to tag in your post and include the hashtag #TemtopExperience. This is essential for the temtop to find and consider your entry.

Wait for Judgment: After the event ends on August 10th, we will review all the submissions. We will select 3 viewers with the best content based on their criteria.

Winners Announcement: Within 3 days after the event ends, Temtop will announce the 3 winners. This could be through our website, social media, or directly contacting the winners.

Claiming the Prize: If you are one of the lucky winners, you may involve providing your contact information or mailing address for the prize to be sent to you.

Receive the Gift: Wait for the free gift to arrive. Enjoy your reward for your Temtop Experience!

Remember to keep an eye on your notifications or emails during the judging period so you don't miss out if you're selected as a winner. Good luck!

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