How to Staying Safe During Wildfire?

Wildfires have become an all-too-common threat for millions of people across North America in recent years. In the last article, we discussed the basic preparation work we can do before the wildfire breakout (The Preparations Before Wildfires). As Now let's talk about how to stay safe during wildfire.

Monitor Air Quality in Real-Time

During wildfires, air quality monitoring is of great importance. Wildfire smoke can cause PM2.5 levels to spike rapidly, you can prepare a reliable indoor air quality monitor to track real-time pollutant levels. These measurements will help you decide whether to stay or evacuate.

What to Do If You're Sheltering at Home?

If you think stay at home is a better choice during the wildfires, try to protect yourself and family members by following these :

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Reduce Outdoor Exposure

The air quality will be degraded due to the wildfires, people will be exposed to a cocktail of hazardous pollutants. Limit the outdoor time can avoid smoke inhalation effectively.

Wear Protective Gear

If you must go outside, please wear an N95 or P100 respirator mask to filter out harmful fine particulates.

Seal Up Your Home and Manage Indoor Air Flow

Close all windows and doors to prevent smoky outdoor air from seeping inside.Remember to turn off air circulation equipment at the same time.

Clean Indoor Air

A reliable air cleaner plays an important role at this time.It will provide you a safe haven when the outdoor environment is hazardous.

What to Do If You Need to Evacuate?

If you think stay at home is a better choice during the wildfires, try to protect yourself and family members by following these :

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traffic jam in wildfires season.jpg__PID:32b0803f-2831-45f6-a0a3-3d8e61b2ec87
keep pets with you in wildfires season.jpg__PID:b2980aaa-32b0-403f-a831-c5f660a33d8e
comply with any evacuation orders or routes.jpg__PID:aebdb298-0aaa-42b0-803f-2831c5f660a3

Before leaving, please check all your doors, windows and gas lines and make sure they are all properly shut off or sealed.

Fill up your gas tank to avoid getting stuck in potential traffic jams along evacuation routes. Remember to take your go-bag with important documents, medications, cash, and other critical supplies.

Prepare enough food and water to keep the pets with you. Or send them to the pet boarding.

Pay close attention to instructions from local authorities, and comply with any evacuation orders or routes they provide. Resist the urge to take unnecessary detours that could lead you into harm's way.

If you are living in a high-risk wildfire zone, moving to a safer place before the wildfires breakout would be the bet choice for you. After all, your Number One priority during wildfire season should be protecting yourself and your loved ones. 

As a designer of professional air quality monitors, Temtop has in-depth research in the field of air quality. We hope that through our efforts, everyone will pay attention to the air they breathe and know how to keep themselves away from polluted air.

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