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Very helpful to know

I love this item. We have had air filters for a long time and always wondered if they really worked. This monitor allow me to see exactly how the air purifiers are doing and how effective they are. The CO2 feature also tells me when I should open the windows to let the fresh air in to reduce the levels. I really recommend this item!

Great Air Quality Monitor and Customer Support

So after Temtop contacted me about the issue they sent me a working air quality monitor. The unit works perfectly. I am extremely happy that the issue was resolved and the I am now able to test the CO2 in my house. Great customer service and quick to respond. I have uploaded the new video for reference on CO2 portion of the monitor.

Multiple measurements and Outstanding Customer Service

Great customer service! It would be nice to have the ability to bias the Particle, CO2, and HCHO measurements so that multiple monitors could be calibrated to show the relative differences in measurements from different rooms in a house, using one room as a baseline. The display is easy to read and the menu is easy to navigate through. I've found that the monitor will operate 5 - 6 hours on a full charge and there's an indicator to let you know when the charge is complete.

Already paid for itself

A friend took it home (he lives in SF) and told me it was broken because in front of his air purifier which he has had for 2 years it was zero difference to the rest of his house, and his house had poor air quality (according to the device), well he opened up his purifier to find that the HEPA filter was still in its plastic wrapping! He removed the plastic and the air quality shot up. If it were not for this device he'd still be running a dud purifier thinking him and his family were safe from the effects of all this smoke
D Scott

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