Temtop Air Quality Handheld Particle Counter 7 Channels PM 2.5 Air Monitor PMD 331
Why Temtop? 1. Temtop, a Brand from California 2. 10 Years in Particulate Sensor 3. Professional but Affordable 4. 5 Years Warranty & 3 Years Free Calibration Temtop PMD 331 is an innovative device can measure the 7 mass range simultaneously 0.3μm/ 0.5μm/ 0.7μm/ 1μm/...
R 24,687.00 R 23,040.00
Temtop Aerosol Dust Monitor Handheld Air Quality Particle Counter PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10,TSP PMD 351
Monitor the air quality is essential wherever you are. One way to test the air quality and guarantee your good health, safety and comfort is to use a portable particle counter. These instruments are able to test indoor air quality,...
R 27,997.00 R 24,687.00
Temtop Airing-1000 2nd Generation Professional Handheld Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 PM10 Real Time High Accuracy Data Export
Feature UPGRADED SENSOR: Adopts the second-generation laser particle sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, the measurement results are more accurate and reliable. DATA EXPORT: Record the data by your preferred interval, export, and do some further analysis, help you to...
R 7,510.00 R 3,380.00
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