Temtop P1000 CO2 Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 PM10 Tabletop Detector
  Temtop P1000 is an excellent device for those looking for convenient ways to measure CO2 and air quality. It is a standalone device capable to measure CO2, PM2.5, and PM10.  Ideal for people living close to heavy traffic areas,...
$109.99 $99.99
Temtop C1 CO2 Monitor Indoor air Quality Monitor Portable CO2 Detector CO2, Temperature, Humidity Home, Office or School
Enduring Endurance with Dual Operating Modes ECO Mode: Experience extended CO2 monitoring with an exceptional 70-day standby duration, perfect for continuous use.  A Mode: Get instant, real-time CO2 data in A Mode, with a standby duration of 30 days. Quick and accurate results are...
$59.99 $42.99
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