• Can I calibrate the temperature and humidity sensor for M2000 2nd generation?

    The displayed reading is higher than the normal temperature because in addition to the ambient temperature, many internal sensors and electronic components also generate heat. Currently we are not able to have a temp offset calibration. The temperature sensor was not broken, just the accuracy (±2℃) not so high comparing to some professional thermometer. The temperature sensor used in M2000 2nd generation is Sensirion...
  • Must the ventilation/calibration done outdoors?

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     It is not a must put the device outdoors, you can just put it in a ventilated place such as indoors near the windows or near the air purifier, and keep it turned off. As the device has been stored in a sealed package for months, the ventilation mainly purposes at removing the stale air inside the device which may affect the accuracy of...
  • Why the TVOC reading gets higher at night?

     There are many factors that affect TVOC readings. When we go to sleep at night, we usually close the doors and windows and stop walking around. This reduces the circulation of air and makes the readings higher than during the day. In addition, the sweat produced during sleep, and the exhaled gas also contains a variety of VOCs, which also increases the concentration of...
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