Is your air monitor accurate?


Our products are often used in home, office and some other buildings, thus there will be a small gap on its performance compared to highly professional air quality detectors. What we can say is that its data accuracy is relatively accurate among many similar products. At the same time, our products are more compatible,rich and creative in performance. For example, the detection of temperature and humidity, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, PM0.3 can be realized on one detector.


  • Posted on by Michael Schmidt

    Sometimes the AQI number on the hand monitor is twice what the official monitoring stations (AirNow) are reporting. I live less than 5 miles from the official monitoring station. Therefore I question the accuracy of the handheld device. I have only had the device for 2 months and now it’s too late to return. Very frustrated.

  • Posted on by milann p

    why does TVOC and HCHO scale keep increasing , and at some point starts decreasing. I just reset with instruction, but it does same behavior. seems not accurate?

  • Posted on by Stuart McFeeters

    Not that you’d really care, but the PM 2.5 particle numbers that I get from my unit are about 2x the numbers from official monitoring stations, and so I’m not certain that I can rely upon my Temtop monitor to provide information that is worth having.

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