M10i cannot connect to Wi-Fi?


A: Please make sure you have followed the correct steps to configure the setting:

  1. Hold the reset button until the WIFI symbol shows increasing.
  2. Add device through App.
  3. Input Wi-Fi password.
  4. It will keep loading, but once the Wi-Fi symbol on the device stops increasing or flashing, that means it has been connected to Wi-Fi successfully.

Besides, For the most updated iOS system, it will not recognize your Wi-Fi name if you do not enable the location service for this App, please enable the location for this App and then try again with the Wi-Fi configuration.

If it still not works, please check and make sure that the security mechanism of the router is not a mixture of WEP, WPA, WPA2, and Mixed WPA. You can choose WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and Mixed WPA2-PSK.


  • Posted on by Stefan Karpinski

    Also cannot get the M10i to connect to WiFi despite having a dedicated 2.4GHz network with the appropriate security. Moreover the process makes no sense: you enter the WiFi info on the app but the device is not connect to the app or to the internet (how can it be, that’s what you’re trying to do?). So how is the device supposed to find out what WiFi network to use and what password to use? It can’t know. The only thing I can guess is that if there is only one WiFi network it uses that and this works. But anyone in a city is surrounded by dozens of WiFi networks and the device has no way to know which one to use. Inherently broken design that was not thought through at all.

  • Posted on by Louise Kirn

    I cannot add the M100, it says the device ID is already in use. This is a library loan device, how does one disconnect the prior user?

  • Posted on by Daniel

    I also cannot add m10i to wifi despite countless efforts. I am running 2.4 network with acceptable security.

  • Posted on by Barb

    I keep getting a configuring failed error

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