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Innovation is our cornerstone, and we have been leading the charge in environmental particulate matter monitoring for decades. Our dedicated international research team has formed a global R&D cooperation environment, allowing us to provide advanced and innovative technology to assist global environmental health and safety. We have launched a series of products, including particle counters, aerosol monitors, and dust monitors to ensure accuracy and precision in our measurements.


Temtop Inc. - your go-to provider for environmental particulate matter and key air indicators monitoring instruments. As a subsidiary of Elitech Technology Inc., we are committed to delivering a one-stop solution to global customers seeking reliable measurement and data analysis solutions. 

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Whats Inside:The PMD 331 comes very nicely packaged in what appears to be a very expensive custom Pelican case. The hard foam holds the Meter and the accessory bag. The unit has a charger and a serial port DB9 connector plus a USB port for file transfers to flash drives. A flash drive is included and a a calibration filter.Build Quality:Absolutely rock solid, this is a made for Laboratory or clean room work, so everything is made of A+ quality materials.Operation:Simple as it can get. The menus are pretty intuitive, you can see the records for each sample as well as export them for graphing or analysis.Accuracy:I have been in several clean rooms during my years as an Electronic Engineer but I no longer have access to those rooms to make a comparison. I can say that the unit works on the same principles as the ones we used and the numbers it outputs are very consistent with what I would expect for being outside of a clean room..........

PMD 331

Hear what customers have to say.


I can accurately appraise on this device are the temperature and the humidity though and I have to take on good faith that all of the other things it measures are accurate since I have no other alternative mechanisms to test them at this time. I almost docked this product stars, until I found out that if you hold down the settings cog button on top it will switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Phew! Much better. In terms of the accuracy of the temperature gauge on it, it is within .2 degrees F of my other temperature measuring gauge that is placed right near this one. So yes, well within the margin of error, and probably accurate in regards to its ability to asses the temperature properly. In regards to the humidity, this device reads 54% humidity and my other device right near it shows 55%, therefore it is probably accurate in this regard too since 1% is only a small discrepancy between the 2 devices. It's a good product overall though and pretty affordable at this price


Hear what customers have to say.


I saw a lot comments online, some said M10 was accurate, some doubted its accuracy. I prefer to believe it's measuring air quality accurately cause sometimes I cook or open windows for ventilation, I can see the readings get different.


Hear what customers have to say.

Doc K

I am really impressed by this device capability to sense very small changes in the environment. I have placed the device close to my air purifier and the particles measurement wet up. I looked it up and found that there are some mineral in the water we use fom the tab. Those mineral are very small and a little detrimental to our health, but anyways the device is capable to sense very small particles.

LKC-1000S+ 2nd

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