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 Air pollution poses a major threat to health around the world. The combined effects of ambient outdoors and indoors causes many health problems every year such as premature death, increase mortality from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections. Moreover, health issues caused by air pollution can affect not only in grown-ups, but also the young. However, children do not have immune system as efficient as adults. Children may be more prone to contact a viral infection and take more time to recover from it. This can be true for several reasons. Kids are constantly growing and they eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air than adults do. The immune system consists of a team of cells, proteins, tissues, and organs that fight off illness germens and other invaders. Children do not have a fully developed immune system until the age of 9-10 years old. As a child becomes more exposed through contact with others, the change of getting colds and virus increase. A health environment with controlled level of air pollution for children gives them the chance to improve their mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. Health children are more likely to become heath adults. EPA studies have shown that children are exposed to a great level of pollutants inside their school that may be 2 to 100 times higher than outdoors.


In addition, results have found that poor air quality in schools can affect learners capability to perform well in school. Now more than never kids have been showing increase in the cases of asthma attacks, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and rashes. It can also affect children behavior and increase absenteeism. The EPA estimates that half of the nation’s schools have issues with poor air quality. That could be due to many reasons like proximity industrial areas and roads with heavy traffic, proximity with chemicals, fuels, incinerators. Cleaning products, and also mold infestation. Many people would think that this kind of problem is mainly found in old buildings, but high levels of toxins and chemicals are used in brand new buildings. Air pollution is a recent problem, people have been trying to control and clean the air over many years. We cannot fix it overnight but there are many actions that schools administrators can take to assure that their children are breathing good air.


The first step is to monitor the particles concentration in schools. Temtop has developed the PMD 351 an ideal device for air quality measurement in schools. This professional device can be used to monitor and measure the air quality indoors and outdoors. So, no matter if it is during recess, athletic activities, or in classrooms, the air should be monitored. On the same line, the M2000 2nd generation and LKC-1000S+ 2ndgeneration are suitable for air monitoring. Enhanced with this knowledge school administrators can make adequate decisions of how and when to emend unhealthy and detrimental air spaces in order to provide a clean healthy environment to students and school members.

Good IAQ contributes to favorable environment for all, performance of teachers and students. It also brings a sense of comfort and well-being. These elements combine to assist a school in its main mission – educating the children of our future. Elitech, Inc. under the brand Temtop manufactures a variety of different indoor and outdoor air quality monitors to help schools to acknowledge the air problems and stablish solid actions to help keep it clean.


For more information about Temtop Air Quality Monitors, please refer to the items below:

PMD 351

Handheld Particle Counter, measure PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0 PM1 and TSP



M2000 2nd Generation

Handheld monitor, measure PM2.5, PM10, CO2, temperature and humidity with extra function of histogram and data export 


LKC - 1000S+ 2nd Generation 

Handheld monitor, measure HCHO,PM2.5,PM10,Nr of Particles, TVOC,Temperature and Humidity, AQI, with additional functions of data export and histogram .


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