What does it mean if your CO2 level is high?

CO2 monitoring
CO2 monitors are designed to measure the effectiveness of a room’s ventilation, one of the layers of prevention — along with masks, testing and social distancing — against the spread of COVID.

The higher the CO2 concentration, the slower the rate of air exchange (and — in a room that includes COVID carriers — the higher the potential risk of infection.)

Higher levels of carbon dioxide may mean you have:
Metabolic alkalosis, or too much bicarbonate in your blood
Cushing disease
Hyperaldosteronism, an adrenal gland problem
Kidney failure

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guidelines, classroom air should be completely changed five to six times per hour, with fresh or filtered pushing out old air (and any virus particles that may be in that air).

The monitors can measure CO2 in concentrations of 0-5,000 parts per million. Repeated monitor readings of more than 1,000-1,200 CO2 parts per million would indicate that room ventilation was insufficient and should trigger an investigation.

UFT President Mr. Mulgrew said, “Ventilation is a key strategy against the virus, and if monitors show that a room’s ventilation isn’t enough, the principal needs to either find a way to improve the air exchange rate or to reduce the number of people in that classroom.”

The UFT’s CO2 monitors will be available to district personnel, the union’s borough safety teams, and at the request of individual chapter leaders, with a priority for schools where overcrowding exists.

The device — an M2000 2nd Generation Air Quality Monitor — is made by Temtop Inc. This is the same model that the DOE has provided many school custodians, making it possible for teachers and custodians to compare results. The handheld devices retail for $189.99.

The Temtop M2000 2nd Generation is a relatively easily operated handheld air quality monitor that has been widely used. It has been used by the New York State Education Department and the United Federation of Teachers has used it to measure Carbon Dioxide levels and PM2.5 levels in schools in efforts to fight Covid-19. The ability to test many things in one device, with consistent results and audible alerts, makes this monitor customers top pick.
Why it made the cut: The Temtop M2000 2nd Generation tests for a wide variety of pollutants, has built-in calibration, and includes an audible alarm.

Finally, if you like the look of the M2000 2nd Generation, but are looking for something quite a bit cheaper, our budget choice also comes from Temtop. The Temtop M2000C, Temtop M2000 and Temtop M2000C 2nd has reduced features, but also a reduced price tag. And there is a 10% off with code: welcome10.

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