What is Aerosol? How can Temtop PMD 351 help you?


  Aerosol refers to a suspension system that consists of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in a gas medium. It can be natural or anthropogenic. Natural aerosols are fog, mist, dust, forest exudates, etc., while anthropogenic aerosols are particulate air pollutants, smoke from fuel combustion and unburned fuel in furnaces, engines that used in heavy industries and vehicles.

  The solid or liquid particles have diameters generally between 0.001 and 1000 um. From the perspective of fluid mechanics, aerosols are continuous phase during the gaseous phase, while dispersed phase during the solid and liquid phase.

  It is very important to monitor the air quality around us. The most dangerous particles are particles with diameter 2.5 microns and smaller, which are usually PM2.5. PM 2.5 and smaller particles are not excreted through sneezing or coughing, hence, it enters human lungs and blood easily when it is accidentally being inhaled or by penetration through human skin. Particles that below 2 microns are able to penetrate human alveoli and bronchi. About 2.1 million people worldwide die from particulate matter PM2.5 or smaller every year.

  When the concentration of aerosols is high, human health and life are threatened, especially to people with asthma and respiratory diseases. Besides, aerosols in the air also transmit fungus and viruses, which can lead to epidemics and outbreaks.

  Temtop PMD 351, the new handheld Aerosol (dust) monitor is an ideal, advance, real-time aerosol monitor accurately measuring dust concentration using MIE scattering principle and a proprietary algorithm that provides accurate particulate matter measurement. This handheld device simultaneously detects PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and TSP with air duct design and internal pump to draw air with a flow rate of 2.83L/min (accuracy +/- 5%) accurately measures and records particulate from 0 ~ 1,000 ug/m3 with a resolution to 0.1ug/m3 and accuracy of +/- 10%.  

  In addition to high sensitivity, PMD 351 stores up to 2,000,000 records with 8GB internal storage and supports USB and RS232 communication modes for data export. The large battery capacity provides up to 8 hours continuous operation after a 3.5 hours full charging.  The real-time data displayed clearly on the large 4-inch TFT display, 7 individual front panel buttons provide an easy-to-use function for user parameter setting, calibration and data export.

   PMD 351 comes in a lightweight (1.8lbs) and ergonomic handheld design enable real-time, direct-reading monitoring and analysis in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications including industrial and or commercial health air quality monitoring, environmental monitoring of mining industry, manufacturing production air quality monitoring, HVAC system monitoring, IAQ investigation and analysis of air quality, etc.  

  All in all, PMD 351 is a compact, highly sensitive, real-time, data-logging, long-life, user-friendly, competitive, well priced indoor and outdoor aerosol monitor that you’d desire.

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