Why the TVOC reading gets higher at night?


 There are many factors that affect TVOC readings.

When we go to sleep at night, we usually close the doors and windows and stop walking around. This reduces the circulation of air and makes the readings higher than during the day.

In addition, the sweat produced during sleep, and the exhaled gas also contains a variety of VOCs, which also increases the concentration of TVOV.

Even the TVOCs that are distributed in furniture and decoration materials are more obvious at night because they are not ventilated.


  • Posted on by Michael Kidwell
    What is included in the AQI calculation. All other measures are green but at 157 AQI is red.
  • Posted on by Chip Van Meter

    I looked all over your web pages and I do not see any mention of a warranty nor what charging puck is to be used with the P1000 or the M100. Can you please provide that information. I would also like to know the life of the P1000 and the M100 as well.

    Thank You


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