• Why the readings are inaccurate?

    The air does not circulate during storage and transportation, to achieve the best performance of the device, it needs to be placed in the outdoor ventilation for at least 6 hours before the first use. Meanwhile, each sensor has individual differences, just like everyone is with different alcohol metabolic abilities, so a small number of sensors may require longer ventilation. In this situation, to extend the ventilation time will be advised. Please be noted that gases such as alcohol, carbon...

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  • What is the principle of particle sensors?

    Laser particle sensor can obtain the number and quality of suspended particles in the air per unit volume, which is called particulate matter concentration. Meanwhile, it can output as a digital interface. Based on the principle of laser scattering, when the air outside uniformly passes through the specially designed air duct, the laser light is scattered on the suspended particles in the air, and the information processing circuit converts the light intensity signal of the scattered light into a voltage...

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  • M10i cannot connect to Wi-Fi?

    A: Please make sure you have followed the correct steps to configure the setting: Hold the reset button until the WIFI symbol shows increasing. Add device through App. Input Wi-Fi password. It will keep loading, but once the Wi-Fi symbol on the device stops increasing or flashing, that means it has been connected to Wi-Fi successfully. Besides, For the most updated iOS system, it will not recognize your Wi-Fi name if you do not enable the location service for this...

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