Why are the readings of the monitor so high?


Gases such as alcohols, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide may interfere with the testing of the sensor. Keep away from alcohol, cigarettes (including carbon monoxide), soot (including acrolein), and fruits (including ethanol) before testing. If the detector is exposed to high-concentration air pollutants environment,which will damage the sensor and make it work improperly. Under these conditions, please place the detector in a well-ventilated place for 6 hours again.


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    Hello, I have a 1000E detector. I’ve put it outside for about 1 hour, about 0 °C, while measuring. PM2.5/10 measurements are quite larger than those measured by fix stations in my town (we could consider such stations correctly calibrated, I suppose) , about 50% larger. I verified this even in different locations, but the same happened. So, are there possible calibration problems? Can you suggest an easy verification method?

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